Dues, Payments, and Donations

Payments can be handed to the secretary.

2023 Annual Dues


Includes the $55.00 Grand Lodge Assessments

Life Membership in Perpetuity


Annual dues x 25

What are the advantages of buying a LMIP?

You no longer pay annual dues, so future dues increases will not affect you.

Your Lodge will receive an assessment credit from Grand Lodge every year forever, even after you pass to the Celestial Lodge.

You receive a permanent membership card, certificate, and a LMIP lapel pin.

Visit the Grand Lodge of Virginia website for additional information on the LMIP program.

LIMP Eligibility

A Life Membership may be purchased for or by any member in good standing of a Lodge holden under the Grand Lodge of Virginia, subject to the rules.

A Memorial Life Membership may also be purchased for a deceased Master Mason (who was in good standing at the time of his death) in any Lodge in Virginia upon acceptance of the Memorial Life Membership by vote of the Lodge. Memorial Life Memberships may be purchased for deceased Master Masons of any Lodge of any jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Virginia; provided, that his good standing has been ascertained in advance through the office of the Grand Secretary, and upon acceptance of the membership by vote of the Lodge.